Recent Peer-Reviewed Articles

Under Review  C. Gokee, H. Stewart, and J. De León

Scales of Suffering, manuscript submitted to special edition of International Journal of Historical Archaeology.


In Press           J. De León

“Como Me Duele”: Central American Bodies and the Moral Economy of Undocumented Migration. Paper prepared for The Border and Its Bodies: The Corporeality of Risk in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, edited by T. Sheridan and R. McGuire. University of Arizona Press.


2019                Barnes, R., J. De León, and A. Krugliak

State of Exception, EMISFÉRICA:EXPULSION, 14.1 (Online exhibition catalog).


2019                 J. De León and C. Gokee

Lasting Value? Engaging with the Material Traces of America’s Undocumented Migration “Problem,” In Cultural Heritage, Ethics and Contemporary Migrations, eds. C. Holtorf, A. Pantazatos and G. Scarre, pp. 70-86, Routledge Press.


2018                   J. De León

The Photoethnographic Eye: Visualizing the Honduran Migrant Experience in Mexico.  In Out of Bounds: Photography and Migration, edited by T. Sheehan, Routledge Press.


2017                   J. Doering-White, A. Frank-Vitale, and J. De León

Global and Regional Trends: US/Mexico/Central America. Fatal Journeys, Volume 3

International Organization for Migration.


2017                 J. De León

Smugglers. Entry for “Lexicon for an Anthropocene Yet Unseen” series in Cultural Anthropology, edited by C. Howe and A. Pandian.


2017                 J. De León

The New Colossus: Contextualizing and Historicizing Fragments of 21st Century Undocumented Migration. In Many Voices, One Nation: A Material History of the Peopling of America, eds. M. Salazar-Porzio and J. Fragaszy Troyano, pp. 257-267, Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, Washington D.C.


2017                 H. Stewart. I. Ostericher, C. Gokee, and J. De León

“Surveilling Surveillance: Countermapping the US-Mexico Borderlands of Undocumented Migration.” Journal of Contemporary Archaeology 3(2):159-174.


2015                  J. De León, C. Gokee, and A. Schubert

“By the Time I Get to Arizona”: Citizenship, Materiality, and Contested Identities along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Anthropological Quarterly 88(2):445-479.


2015               J. De León, C. Gokee, and A. Forringer-Beal

Use Wear, Disruption, and the Materiality of Undocumented Migration in the Southern Arizona Desert, in Migrations and Disruptions: Unifying Themes in Studies of Ancient and Contemporary Migrations, eds. T. Tsuda and B. Baker, pp. 145-178, University of Florida Press, Gainesville.


2014        J. Beck, I. Ostereicher, G. Sollish, and J. De León

Animal Scavenging and Scattering and the Implications for Documenting the Deaths of Undocumented Border Crossers in the Sonoran Desert. Journal of Forensic Sciences.


2014                C. Gokee and J. De León

Sites of Contention: Archaeology and Political Discourse in the US-Mexico Borderlands. Journal of Contemporary Archaeology 1(1):133-163.


2013 J. De León

Undocumented Migration, Use-Wear, and Materiality of Habitual Suffering in the Sonoran Desert. Journal of Material Culture (Winter 2013).


2013  J. De León

The Efficacy and Impact of the Alien Transfer Exit Program: Migrant Perspectives from Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. International Migration 51(2):10-23.


2012     J. De León

“Better To Be Hot Than Caught”: Excavating the Conflicting Roles of Migrant Material Culture. American Anthropologist 114(3):477-495.