UMP faculty, staff, and students will present findings from the UMP 2012 field season at the Society for American Archaeology conference in Honolulu Friday April 5th. 

Poster topics focus on the themes of place-making and (in)visibility, suffering and violence, cultural contact, and exploring what the material traces of undocumented migration can tell us that ethnography alone cannot.




Friday, April 5, 2013 / 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Room: Kamehameha Exhibit Hall III Foyer (Hawaii Convention Center – Honolulu, HI)
Haeden Stewart and Ian Ostericher—The Different Strategies and Stages of
“The Crossing”: Mapping the Assemblages of Migrant Sites in Relation to Their
Distance from the Arizona/Sonora Border
Mario Castillo—A Taphonomic Approach to Migrant Stations: Excavating
Cultural and Natural Site Formation Processes in the Sonoran Desert
Robyn Dennis—Security and Shelter in the Desert: Visibility and Its Role in the
Location of Migrant Stations
Jason De Leon—Necroviolence and the Posthumous Lives of Undocumented Border Crossers
Sam Grabowska—Clandestine Architecture along the U.S.-Mexico Border:
Housing the Invisible Body in a Landscape of Surveillance
Sophia Yackshaw and Jason De Leon—Necroviolence, Taphonomy, and the Ethics of Killing
Animals to Understand What Happens to the Corpses of Undocumented Border Crossers
Cameron Gokee—Bitter Pills to Swallow: Undocumented
Migration and Medication in the Sonoran Desert
Parth Singh and Jason De Leon—¿Cuanto vale? An Economic Analysis of
Migrant Stations and the Corporations Who Profit from Undocumented Migration
Magda Mankel—Undocumented Migration, Boundary Enforcement, and
Contemporary Archaeological Sites: Understanding the Modified Southern
Arizona Landscape from the Perspective of Locals
Justine Drummond and Jason De León—Interactions at Humanitarian Water
Drop Sites: An Archaeological and Ethnographic Study of Clandestine Culture
Contact among Undocumented Migrants, Humanitarian Aid Groups, and Border
Ashley Schubert, Jason De León, and Madeline Naumann—Artifacts of
“Deterrence”: The Materiality of Migrant Contact with U.S. Border Patrol
Maya Fernandez and Jason De Leon—Documenting the Dead: A Geo-Spatial
Analysis of Published Migrant Death Locations
Anna Forringer-Beal—What Little Remains: Examining The Impact of Desert
Conservation Efforts on the Archaeological Record of Undocumented Migration in Southern Arizona